The New JobRad Corporate Design — A Strong and Vibrant Brand for a New Age of Mobility

Pioneering Mobility: JobRad’s Brand Evolution

Company leased bikes are no longer new. But they were new in 2008, when JobRad was founded. As the pioneer of corporate bike leasing, JobRad has since taken a leading role in pushing the mobility revolution forward.

When JobRad asked us to review its brand strategy, it quickly became clear that the drive inherent in the company’s DNA was not reflected in the brand. So in a workshop, we developed a vision of the brand together with the client. This vision spoke of dynamism and new beginnings. Of enthusiasm and a love of cycling. And last but not least, of intelligent, seamless services for the best possible user experience.

Be a Hero Yourself — Just like the Brand

For a brand to be successful, it must have its own personality. The experience with the brand must match that specific personality to resonate with customers. Archetypes help understand your brand and get a sense of its behavior. Is your brand a sage, a lover, or a hero? And what if your brand was a person—what core characteristics could we derive from them?

Based on the outcome of a joint workshop, we later defined JobRad’s archetype as a hero, inspired by the magician. As an optimistic, trailblazing leader, the hero also wants to awaken the hero in us. As a person, JobRad would be confident, moving, and approachable. These attributes helped us derive clear design principles for the look, tone, and UX.

Making the Brand Personality Come Alive

Following our roadmap, we created the brand basics in line with the brand personality. Take the logo, for example: We’ve combined soft, organic shapes with a bold typography. Like this, we show JobRad is approachable and moving, while also being confident. The same goes for the pictures. They turn the JobRad riders with their bikes into the heroes of the story. The diverse target group additionally conveys authenticity and belonging.

Communicating in a Clear Voice

Just as a person is more than their looks, the tone of voice is equally important. We therefore defined how JobRad speaks and how to communicate with a clear voice. Successively, we also laid out UX principles to show what it means for the user experience to be in line with the brand.

Rolling out the Brand internally 

Beyond crafting the brand basics, we conceived a strategy for the trade show booth, live marketing, and employer branding. We also created a brand movie to showcase the highlights of the new brand identity, premiering it to 600 employees during an internal roll-out.

A Brand up front with Frontify

After all, it is crucial that a brand is embraced both internally and externally. With the brand portal we set up in Frontify, we promoted even greater brand awareness. Not only can employees (or other specified users) discover the brand there, but the portal itself can grow and develop, just like the brand itself.

A Strong Brand That Stays and Evolves

And the brand portal is indeed evolving. Remember how we talked about a seamless user experience at the beginning? As you read this, a joint team from think moto and the client is redesigning the JobRad portal, where you can order bikes and manage rentals, to be barrier-free in accordance with German BITV regulations.

So the next time someone offers you a lease car, just point out that it’s actually corporate bike leasing being the big thing. And that JobRad is a pioneer in this respect. How about you? Will you be the next to get on your bike?

Our Services for JobRad

Brand Strategy
Brand Personality
Visual Brand Identity
Logo Design
Employer Branding & Employee Value Proposition
Exhibition Stand Design
Brand Portal
UX Writing
UX Principles



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