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Developing a Holistic Customer Journey for Audi

Customer journeys are used to show and design individual stages that a customer moves through, for example, before buying a product. While Audi had already defined individual customer journeys for specific products and services, it lacked a holistic concept for all touch points. Audi’s goal was therefore to map and manage the customer’s overall experience of the brand while aligning the initiatives of the various internal teams—for an individual, harmonic customer experience that inspires and sharpens the perception of Audi as a brand.

With its dedicated Customer Experience Initiative, an interdisciplinary team at Audi was tasked with documenting and optimizing this overarching journey—while always keeping a user-centric approach in mind.

Journey Mapping

We supported the team in the entire process of journey mapping and developed a design together, including best practices, which was to be made real in the upcoming one to two years.
 As a result, we created an experience kit that provides a basic track with the option to add extras at any time and tailor it to meet specific needs.


Stakeholder Workshops

We aligned this modular system of the journey with the team’s current planning. In workshops with the most important stakeholders from the retail and digital sectors, among others, we could jointly check these for discrepancies and feasibility. 

We also discussed the key moments of the journey—the moments of truth, which from a customer’s perspective can lead to a break in the journey, and the signature moments, which from a brand’s perspective hold particular potential for brand recognition and differentiation.

Customer Research

Next, we used customer research to validate the moments of truth we had identified and to add relevant moments that had previously been neglected. To this end, we interviewed 20 people who had either just purchased an Audi or were about to do so, and talked to them about both their positive and negative experiences in the course of the purchase, use and service process.

The interviews helped us identify the factors that particularly influence the purchase decision and user satisfaction. These were to be taken into account in the journey in the future and thus ensure a customer-centric brand experience with Audi.

On the Way to True Customer Centricity

User-centered design is more important than ever. By establishing the Customer Experience Initiative as a permanent fixture in the company, we have taken the essential steps toward true customer centricity together with Audi. The customer journey helps the various departments to identify potential for optimizing the brand experience from the customer’s point of view and to design it across departments.

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