otelo | UX/UI Design

otelo - An innovative appearance for the Challenger

Katja Wegner
by Katja Wegner

For otelo, a brand of Vodafone D2 GmbH, we redesigned the otelo.de website on behalf of Scholz & Friends Berlin. The goals of the new website, which was rolled out in two steps in May and August 2016, are to increase the conversion rate, increase lead generation in post-raid tariffs and increase average customer revenue (ARPU).

Experience Design

Innovative Shopping Experience

For this purpose, higher-quality tariffs were to be offered prominently and up-selling/cross-selling opportunities created - for new and existing customers. When designing the purchase process, emphasis was placed on smart but simple navigation. In the visual appearance otelo presents itself as a Challenger, which ends the Either-Or between quality and price.