Pharmaceutical Company | Chatbot Ecosystem

Customer Service Automation as an Individual Solution for a Service Center

When launching its new product, our customer, a leading German pharmaceutical company, expected to be flooded with unanswered questions from a wide range of target groups—from laypersons to the press and medical professionals. However, to date, only a phone hotline and a contact form were available for queries. The aim was therefore to avoid burdening the service center with standardized questions and to give it more time to deal with complex, specific concerns.


A Sustainable Solution for High Demands

In a workshop, we elaborated what was most important to our customer and the users of its product, and from there defined these strategic steps:

  • The number of requests to the service center was to be minimized

  • The promise of high quality service was to be kept

  • The customer dialog was to be maintained at eye level

  • The brand and its values were to be reflected in the user experience

CUI: The Ideal Entry Point for Everyone

The company's requirements were high. Inquiries were to be answered as fast as possible, while the brand with its appreciative, approachable service mentality was always to be recognizable. We therefore opted for a conversational user interface (CUI), which we integrated as a full-page chatbot on the contact page and as a widget on the topic-related subpages.

Each subpage already had its own context: Accordingly, we were able to direct users to the appropriate content and answers there. Out of this, we developed a multimodal ecosystem that allows different ways of entering into dialog depending on the page, including via WhatsApp as an external channel for maximum closeness to the customer.

On the contact page, however, the range of possible inquiries is filtered via a “gateway” in which users specify who they are—for example, someone with or without expertise—and what matters to them before the actual dialog with the chatbot starts. This way, they quickly get to the topics most relevant to them, all of which are provided in multiple languages. We set up the conversational interface for a total of 12 languages, including English, Romanian, Kurdish and Arabic.


A Consistent Brand Identity with a Strong Personality

For the CUI, we also transferred the client's values and brand attributes into dialogic principles in such a way that the individual personality of the chatbot—despite any modifications that may be required for the channel—consistently fits the brand. In addition to the tone of voice, we therefore also defined UX principles that additionally support the main tool, speech, with consistent user guidance.

With these guidelines, the company's internal editorial team can implement necessary content changes in line with the brand at any time.

A Chatbot Making an Impact

Soon after implementing the chatbot, it proved to be the right choice for this multi-layered, extensive project. The service center only had to step in for 22% of inquiries, most of which were very specific or technical. Since then, some 30,000 conversations have been recorded via the CUI every month.

But it's not just the numbers that speak for themselves: with the chatbot ecosystem, we have enabled dialog at eye level, creating a personal and, above all, positive user experience. Such a distinctive brand experience makes the company approachable and reduces the emotional barrier to contact.

Thanks to the chatbot, our client was not only able to achieve its business goals, but also to further develop its brand. A double win and a good example of why chatbots are becoming more and more popular.


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