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The Stage it Deserves: Presenting a Tire as Premium Product

A tire is a tire? Far from it! A tire is the main actor for an unforgettable driving experience, is a safety guardian on wet roads, is an ally for the most diverse types of vehicles. It is not just any product, but the product that brings out the best in every vehicle. Thus, the website relaunch for Continental tires was also about presenting the tire as a sensual premium product and granting it an appropriate stage on the website.

The Crucial Characteristics for a Successful Rebranding

During our discovery workshop, as part of our design strategy process, we realized that Continental, a traditionally product-heavy company, must shift its focus to meet the challenge of maintaining a leading role on the global market. The key is to center on users and their needs, make products and services more accessible, and spotlight their benefits—an ambitious task given Continental’s extensive product range.

The brand personality crafted in the workshop provided essential characteristics for success, bridging visionary, supportive, and experienced action. We then meticulously aligned our brand filters with these traits, setting the framework for the look and feel, information architecture, interaction and animation, and content and tone of voice.

The Website as a Smart and Sensual User Experience

In this case, a positive user experience means more than just suggesting the right tire quickly; it’s about engaging customers emotionally. Therefore, we’ve turned the tire into an adventure through a blend of visuals, text, and animation. Safety becomes thrilling, the product range invites exploration, and sensual images create an exciting world of tires, making every interaction inspiring.

“The think moto team has been our constant companion in the user-centric redesign of our global web platform since 2020. From strategic UX consulting to operational UI implementation, think moto convinces with excellent results and agile, trusting collaboration.”

Johannes Baeck, Product Owner Digital Experience Platform, Continental

Clever Filter Options and Contextual Subpages

Through a guided search, different user groups—such as private and business customers—can easily find content relevant to them. Smart selection options lead them smoothly to the right products, and highlighted features provide additional inspiration.

Up Close: the Tire and the Service

Each tire is unique and is showcased against a distinct generative, animated background. Users can see both the benefits and the price at a glance and can access vital service information through context-related call-to-action buttons. For private customers, this might include information about dealers and maintenance. The standout feature is the ability to zoom in on the individual tire, allowing users to explore its multi-layered interior and learn about key functions along the way.

Our Services for Continental Tires

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