LOFINO — An MVB for a brand that has set out to revolutionize mobility behavior

Innovative, responsible and personal – these are the behavioral attributes we have developed for LOFINO’s brand personality.

LOFINO, the first all-in-one platform for benefits and mobility management, has set itself the task of revolutionizing the mobility behaviour of employees and making mobility individual, sustainable and flexible. The service is innovative: LOFINO enables companies to improve the mobility behavior of their employees through tax-saving measures. This allows them to decide independently on the distribution of their benefit budget.

A new design that combines sustainability and innovation

We developed a color scheme that focuses on sustainability with a dark green and contrasting ochre, but at the same time is very energetic with fresh accents in light green and pink, underlining the theme of innovation. The typography is accessible and warm in its sans serif but curved style. We also developed a dynamic design language that can be used in a variety of ways and, thanks to its dynamism, pays tribute to the theme of mobility. The logo is clear and self-confident and deliberately picks up on the themes of mobility and innovation in its dynamic design of the “O “s.

Sustainable typography

Quite extraordinary: the topic of sustainability is also taken into account in the choice of typography. 25% of the royalties of Christoph Koeberlin, the designer of Pangea, are donated to the preservation of the rainforest and large-scale reforestation projects.

The brand in motion

For the launch of the new brand, we had the opportunity to develop a film in which the new brand is presented and filled with life.

Our services for LOFINO

Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)
Corporate Design
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Motion Design

We minimize and compensate our CO2 consumption.

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