Making Complex Simple: Refreshing the tyntec Brand and Developing a New Website

Advancing tyntec’s Brand Identity

tyntec, a pioneer in the mobile messaging industry with over two decades of experience, approached us with the challenge of evolving its brand identity to reflect its status as industry leaders. We were to help tyntec transition to a brand that communicates maturity and experience while living up to its innovative, adaptive, and supportive qualities.

Rebranding for a Grown-Up Image

During our rebranding journey, we introduced a new brand identity with a slightly modified color palette that retains the familiarity of the old brand while adding a touch of sophistication. We also simplified the logo and endowed it with depth and clarity. The interwoven “t,” derived from the founder’s initials, also shows a double helix which, despite its technical appearance, is not too cool but has a human touch.

Overall, the new visual identity is more mature and modern, and resonates with tyntec’s status as an experienced industry leader.

Awake and Supportive: Icons and Images Reflecting the Brand’s Essence

We also introduced a custom icon set to ensure clear representation and refreshed the imagery with crisp visuals and contemporary design, with a special focus on visualizing tyntec’s product architecture—verify, engage, authenticate—in the icons.

Simplifying Complex Content on the Website

In addition to redefining the brand, we focused on developing the new website to reflect tyntec’s market leadership and simplify the complex product range for better user understanding.

Mastering the Website’s Contents

Just as tyntec promises its clients to master the mobile journey with a few clicks, we helped the client to master the website by simplifying content with relatable use cases, adding micro interactions for interactivity, and using scrollytelling to engage visitors. The result: a seamless, engaging experience showcasing real-world benefits.

Our Services for tyntec

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Product Landscape and Architecture
Website Concept and Design
Website Development

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