think moto is a leading agency in design, implementation, and optimization of AI powered chat and voice solutions. We collaborate with leading brands to create AI bot solutions that drive sales, elevate marketing, enhance customer service, and streamline HR processes.

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Our Expertise – Your Success

Setup and Business opportunities –
Tailored Support for your Business

Setting up AI teams in companies can be a daunting task. That’s where we step in. Our consultants provide guidance and support, helping you assemble the right teams and set the right course for AI integration. We understand the unique needs of each business and tailor our support accordingly. We also help you identify the right use cases and business opportunities for your start into conversational AI.

Branded Conversations –
Brand-specific Bot Personalities and Avatars

We specialize in developing chatbots with a strong personality. Our Branded Interactions approach ensures that your bots are more than just automated responders; they become an active member of your brand. Your customers will engage with a chatbot that’s not just functional but relatable and human-like.

Voice Bots –
Voice-based Interactions for Brands

We bring brands the power of voice-based interactions, defining the user experiences and tone-of-voice for virtual assistants. We have defined a future scenario for Audi’s in-car assistant as well as created voice-based training and CRM documentation for a leading international healthcare company.

Hybrid Bots –
Combining Intents with generative AI

think moto is your partner for creating hybrid bots that combine the strengths of Large Language Model (LLMs) and intent-based bots. Experience conversations that are more intuitive, human-like, and efficient. 

Certified Cognigy.AI Partner–
Experts for the Leading Enterprise Bot Platform

We are a certified partner of Cognigy, the leading enterprise bot platform, since 2020. We support you in the setup and implementation of Cognigy.AI, integrate the platform into your Microsoft Teams Environment and train your employees for continuous maintenance. Our deep knowledge of the Cognigy platform in combination with our design expertise made us the right partner for Cognigy to help design their platform interface as well as the frontend widget.

Leading in Chatbots
and Conversational AI

We’re a certified Partner of Cognigy.AI. Our deep knowledge of the Cognigy platform in combination with our design expertise made us the right partner for Cognigy to help design their platform interface as well as the frontend widget.

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Evolving the award-winning storytelling chatbot Frizz


Sales campaign chatbot with a +35% conversion rate

“For Chatbot Lui, new thinking was important to us, detached, from the front – and then not chickening out on the implementation. think moto met our expectations 100% and was extremely fast. If you want to achieve something together, this is the right place.“

Michael Schönstein, Senior Business Architect Marketing, lexoffice

Our process
for conversational

01 Discover & Strategize

Discover the fundamentals of your conversational experience: understand your business case, the value and need for your users and define the right AI framework that will make your experience stand out. Through our strategic process we will create compelling and immersive conversational user journeys.

  • Conversational AI Potential Analysis
  • AI Assistant Review
  • Conversational Strategy
  • Personality & Use Cases
  • Future Scenario


02 Design & Build

Designing the flow of the conversation, the narrative and creating a unique tone of voice that sets your experience apart while engaging eye to eye with your users. We implement the flows in the bot platform that fits your ecosystem, cloud architecture or use case best, while enabling you to continue the work with more use cases. Large Language Model? NLU-based? Rule-based? We build them all.

  • Conversation Design
  • Intent Mapping and Conversational UX
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Bot Implementation 
  • Third Party Integration
  • Localization
  • Multi-Channel Rollout


03 Monitor and Optimize

Rolling out the conversational experience, it is key to keep an eye on the numbers. We help you cover analytics and chat performance to give pointers of where the conversation can improve.

  • NLU Training and optimization
  • Journey Analysis
  • Metrics and Performance Reporting
  • Benchmarking

And Courses


We’re not just experts in developing Conversational AI solutions, but also in sharing our knowledge and expertise. Since 2018, we’ve been pioneers in the field, and we’re here to help you navigate the dynamic world of AI-powered conversations.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond chatbot development. We offer comprehensive training and courses in:

  • Conversation Design
  • Conversation Copywriting
  • AI training and Optimization
  • Special Courses on Cognigy.AI

Equip your team with the skills they need to harness the power of AI in your business.


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Conversational Experiences
are right for you if…

… your customers need help with buying decisions or support for products that require explanation.

… you are looking for a sustainable, direct and automated channel for your brand that is available to your customers on all digital touchpoints. It doesn’t get any closer than that.

… you want to offer your customers personalized content based on machine learning algorithms and learn more about your users at the same time.

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