Embracing Change —
Reshaping the advalyze Brand

Helping a self-confident brand stand out

advalyze is a fast-growing growth marketing company. Changes in management resulted in a shift in the brand’s strategy, which also needed to be reflected in the design. During our MVB process, we developed a distinctive brand personality that allows for clear, strategic differentiation in the market.

For the design, we used a dynamic logo, powerful and appealing colors, concise typography, and a look and feel that does justice to the brand’s vision, self-confidence, and collaborative attitude.

This new look doesn’t just make the brand stand out more; it helps the team feel more connected to the company. The result? A brand that’s both different and more united, inside and out.

Our Services for advalyze

Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)
Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Brand Guide
Website Design

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