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think moto’s MVB process has managed to embody our values, ambitions and goals in our brand 100%. This allows us to be more dynamic and fundamentally helps us in new customer acquisition.

” Oliver Moser, Co-Founder & CEO, advalyze ”

Case Study


In the course of the typical MVB process, we developed a dynamic logo, powerful and sympathetic colors, concise typography and an appearance that does justice to the visionary power, self-confidence and partnership-based self-image of the advalyze brand.

Paul Camper

We developed a strong, unique image for Paul Camper that is perfectly tailored to the target group and the founder’s personality and makes the brand authentic and approachable.

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Our Lean Branding Process for your MVB

1. Discovery Workshop

Understanding business, users and brand: Minimum Viable Branding starts with a discovery workshop in which we work with the founding team to develop the business model, the value proposition, the target group(s) and their journeys, as well as the personality, role and positioning of the brand. In our planet-centered approach, we also consider possible effects on the environment. The Discovery Workshop is an exciting way for new founding teams to discover themselves and clarify corporate cultural issues.

2. Brand Personality

Defining your brands’ unique personality is central to our branding approach. It makes the result stand out of the crowd and is the basis for design, tone of voice, UX and e.g. brand-specific prompts for generative AI. With our proven strategic tools such as brand archetypes and brand filters we carefully position your brand in the market environment, taking best practices or current trends into account.

3. Design Direction

Based on the brand personality, its position in the market and strategic direction we develop the corporate design for your startup in a lean design process. This usually includes a memorable logo, colors, image style and typography. The design is tested on a set of applications that we define together beforehand.

4. Styleguide & Assets

By applying the brand to 2-3 sample touchpoints, we develop a feeling for how the brand identity behaves as a whole. This behavior is then documented with guidelines (mini style guide) and transferred to other applications if desired.

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