A Chatbot as a Storyteller — a Scalable Conversational Redesign for Bosch

Seeing eye to AI

Artificial intelligence has started to transform our lives significantly. As a thought leader in AI, Bosch aims to either AI-enable or AI-manufacture all of its products by 2025. Think smart ovens, self-driving cars, or smart factories—AI is creating new stories every day. Bosch approached us with the idea of evolving a chatbot to tell these stories on its website. In fact, the Bosch team had already started implementing some stories, but needed a hand.

A Bot Turning Mature

We were happy to help! Frizz, Bosch’s storytelling chatbot, needed to captivate users with the fascinating world of AI, using compelling narratives. As conversation designers, we ensured that Frizz welcomes visitors into dialog, guiding them through the stories, all while maintaining its envisioned behavior. Thus, Frizz transformed from a proof-of-concept into a fully-fledged bot with personality, built on state-of-the-art, easy-to-maintain and scalable workflows, pointing users in the right direction around the clock.

By enriching the chat with videos and images, users get an even deeper insight into the groundbreaking work Bosch carries out every day. When you chat with Frizz, you can travel to the ISS and learn why space is great for sensor testing, or instruct a smart oven to bake a flawless cake. You’ll learn about the senses of self-driving cars and how they’re educated in autonomous driving, or even how they can locate a parking space for you.

Inviting Users to Get to Know AI

Frizz is an invitation to get to know AI, and thanks to its conversational, approachable nature, the bot also presents itself as an AI ambassador. Being sensitive to possible concerns when it comes to AI, Frizz also addresses topics such as ethics and the importance of the technology to always remain transparent. In this way, the chatbot helps to alleviate fears that may arise when dealing with AI.

In fact, Frizz is well liked. Users spend an average of 9 minutes with the charming little fridge, which proves that trusting in the power of conversation allows you to connect with your users and respond to their needs.

“The think moto team has outstanding competence, is welcoming, professional and committed. The collaboration was very constructive and on a high level, but also amicable, which is very important to me! Together, we already managed to further develop our chatbot with great success and define future actions for the next development cycles. Many thanks to the entire team!”

Kevin Ulmer, Platform Innovation Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

Looking Ahead and Into the Future

By the way: we did not just optimize the existing story content and produced more capable conversation flows in the bot platform. On top of that we also worked to position the conversational interface on the homepage by designing concepts for future-proof interaction and accessibility, like voice-first approaches, a more website-integrated chat window and more holistic access of website content through a conversational guide.

Why not find out for yourself? Frizz will be happy to tell you stories about AI. By the way: It’s worth checking back here every now and then to learn about other exciting projects we’re working on for Bosch.

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