Making the Passion for Sheet Metal Tangible — A Living Brand for Bystronic

Know Your Brand’s Purpose and Tell a Compelling Story

Imagine you’ve got great products, a passion for what you do, and long-standing client relationships. Pretty impressive, right? But what if your brand doesn’t reflect how outstanding your services are? Swiss-based Bystronic, a global player in the sheet metal industry, had it all when it approached us in 2021—it just needed to show it did.

Therefore, our goal was to establish a resilient, adaptable brand. A clear brand purpose is essential for evolving and telling a dynamic brand story. Bystronic, initially a technology company in the sheet metal industry, has evolved into a trusted partner, pioneer, and mentor, actively shaping and advancing the sheet metal processing sector.

You Better Behave—Conforming to the Brand

It was also crucial to define the brand’s behavior, which is the basis for what we call brand filters. These filters act as design principles that define the appearance, user experience, navigation, and tone of voice. We have characterized Bystronic’s brand behavior as trustworthy, passionate, and empowering, which both brand basics and all communications have to reflect. Thus, regardless of the touchpoint, these principles ensure that you always feel, get, and experience Bystronic.

The New Corporate Branding—Simple yet Striking

In the following months, we reworked the design, which, above all, meant to simplify it. Since it was key for the brand to be understood across global markets, we focused on the essentials. While we kept the basic look of the logo, we introduced a new corporate font. Its geometric lettering emphasizes the expertise the brand stands for. With aubergine as a third primary color alongside red and white, we added a human touch, imparting sovereignty and substance. We also used a geometric design to create icons and illustrations and set out guidelines for the imagery.

“I appreciate the exceptional professionalism and creativity, combined with a high level of individuality. From the beginning, think moto knew how to enhance and anchor the jointly defined goals for a new living brand in a consistent and motivating way—in Switzerland and worldwide. A lot of fun!”

Daniel Moreno, Head of Global Branding, Bystronic

Making the Living Brand Known and Well Accepted

We worked in stages to help the client introduce the new corporate design. First, we redesigned the website and developed modules that were easy to implement. Then, we shaped a concept for image and product advertising that captures Bystronic’s renewed confidence.

With rebranding, internal acceptance is essential. We created a brand engagement movie to convey the new brand in a dynamic and resonant way, serving as a key tool for brand awareness and identification. We also established a Brand Portal to act as the single source of truth for the new Bystronic brand.

Ultimately, all that matters is sheet metal—and a strong brand that resonates with both customers and employees alike.

Our Services for Bystronic

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