Gero – a Progressive Brand Needs a Flexible Identity

Gero, a Russian healthcare startup, developed a new technology that uses mathematical models to detect age-related diseases at an early stage. Therefore, Gero needed a flexible corporate design that was particularly intended to reflect the progressive positioning in the highly innovative and dynamic market for quantified self back then. The generative logo uses movement data from a tracking wristband and generates a constantly changing abstract tree of life in real time.

Data Driven Design

As a basis for the design, the daily activities of the users are analyzed. After an intensive kick-off workshop in a dacha outside Moscow, we designed a generative look and feel. In parallel, we created app designs that would mesh the corporate design as closely as possible with the product and its interaction logic.

A Vivid Logo

The three axes of the figurative logo refer to the tree of life as part of the mythology of many peoples, symbolizing beneficial living conditions and enabling even the weaker to live well. These axes are in constant motion, reflecting not only the activity of the GERO community at the overall brand level, but also that of each individual member in the application. Each axis corresponds in real time to one of the three spatial axes (x, y, z), while the colors are derived from the overall health of the community.

The mirrored 3 infuses the typography with a progressive, tech-savvy element that fits the brand’s product category and positioning. At the same time, it evokes the Greek letter sigma, which is used in mathematics as a summation sign. And indeed, the logo is just that: the sum of all the data from the Gero community.

The logo for Gero was selected “one of 50 masterpieces of logo design” by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson in 2019.

Our Services for Gero

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