Branding the Internet of Life™ — Creating A Future Vision of the World Wide Web as the People’s Web

A Bold New Identity as a Minimum Viable Brand

Internet of Life™ is TMRW Foundation founder Cevat Yerli’s vision for a more natural, meaningful, and people-centered Web 3.0. Under this brand TMRW focuses on exploring and challenging the next generation of the Internet, including current and emerging developments in the metaverse and Web 3.0.

To support this mission, a digital magazine with the same name has been launched. Together with its readers, engages in discussions on how we can shape a future version of the Internet that resonates with us. The bold brand identity for Internet of Life™ was crafted by think moto as part of a minimum viable branding (MVB) project.

A Unique Wordmark for the Next Internet Generation

Creating a distinctive, yet classic logo for Internet of Life™ was paramount for us. We achieved this by using tight letter spacing and crafting individual ligatures in the word pairing “of Life.” We intentionally chose this approachable, non-technical look to symbolize the coming together of technology (Internet) with the people who utilize it (of Life).

Smart, Brave, and Enlightening: Brand Personality Turned Into Design

In accordance with the brand personality we’ve defined, Internet of Life™ interacts with readers, employees, and business partners in a smart, brave, and enlightening manner. These behavioral attributes are reflected in various design parameters, including the typography of the brand.

For example, the bold character of the brand is emphasized by the use of the classic Optima typeface in the Bold font style for headlines. The humanistic character of Optima creates a deliberate contrast to the technology-driven theme of the magazine. When combined with sans-serif reading and interface typography, it ensures a striking yet easily readable typeface.

A Web 3.0-Related Project

Internet of Life™, founded by The TMRW Foundation, is one of the foundations metaverse and Web 3.0-related projects. We are excited about the challenges that the next generation of the Internet holds for us and look forward to further shaping it.

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