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Compelling Visuals to Reflect the Cutting-Edge Nature of the LivePerson brand

After successfully crafting the visual identities for the LivePerson Institute and LivePerson Partner sub-brands, our next task was to unify and elevate the LivePerson umbrella brand itself.

The client wanted us to weave the individual strengths of the sub-brands into a cohesive and powerful overall image. To achieve this, we needed to create a fresh, independent graphic visual language that resonated with LivePerson’s mission.

Since LivePerson specializes in AI-supported conversational commerce, we captured their unique essence by drawing inspiration from the intricate fields of machine learning and computer science. From there, we developed a visual language where a grid or pattern serves as the foundational structure, perfectly mirroring the cutting-edge nature of the LivePerson brand.

Our brand design film raised internal awareness of the new visual language.

The Creation of the 64-Bit Pattern: Merging Information Theory and Pattern Recognition

In our design journey, we honed in on the ‘bit’ as the elemental unit in information theory, computer science, and digital communication. We combined this with pattern recognition, where algorithms help find patterns and structures in data.

Out of these ideas, we created a square grid divided into eight segments, giving us the 64-bit pattern. This distinctive grid can be a striking graphic on its own, or it can be the starting point for new linear designs. These designs are like patterns in the data that LivePerson works with, showing how art, science, and technology come together in the brand.

A Test-Drive of the New Design

Using the 64-bit pattern as our starting point, we initiated some tests across different touchpoints to see how well our new design system would adapt. With this hands-on approach we were able to refine and tailor the visual language, ensuring it was in harmonious alignment with the LivePerson brand.

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