Changing perspective for a sustainable world – an energetic brand identity for TMRW Impact

An MVB for a Startup Striving for a Better Future 

Emerging from the TMRW Foundation, TMRW Impact is a self-styled company builder operating independently from its parent brand, necessitating a fresh design. With our emphasis on planet-centric design, we were delighted to create the minimum viable branding (MVB) for this startup. TMRW Impact establishes spin-offs in sectors like agriculture and health, and invests in startups and acquires companies that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, underscoring its dedication to global impact.

The Shape of a Prism as Key Visual

Following our discovery workshop with the client, we defined the brand as energetic, committed, and empathic. We had already reworked the logo for the TMRW Foundation, keeping its basic elements. We rearranged the “m” and “w,” pulling them to the front to form the key visual in the shape of a prism. This key visual, the prism, has been incorporated throughout the new corporate design. Not only does it serve as a magnifying glass on the website, allowing a closer look at things, just as TMRW Impact digs deeper, but you will also notice it in the buttons’ shapes and as a way to highlight information.

A Bold and Inspiring Look: Earth and Green Tones for a Better Future

For the color palette, we chose earth and green tones to echo TMRW Impact’s commitment to shaping a better future. The look and feel is bold and inspiring, marked by generous, bright design and striking imagery that radiates both future and creativity. This presentation conveys that the brand follows a progressive and optimistic vision.

User-Centered Design: Simplicity and Clarity for Easy Navigation

With regard to the user experience, we prioritized accessible simplicity and clarity. Organic shapes, harmonious colors, and friendly fonts come together to create a welcoming atmosphere that actively fosters interaction between the user and the brand. A reliable user experience should prioritize users’ needs, and our straightforward navigation ensures that users can quickly find the information they seek.

After all, accessing a better future should be made simple.

Our Services for TMRW Impact

Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Website Design
Website Development


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