Our gesture icons for OmniGraffle are now available at Graffletopia.

Marco Spies
4 November 2011

Today we uploaded an OmniGraffle stencil with gestures for touchscreen, body and mobile interaction. You can download it here at Graffletopia. Feel free to use it in your wireframes or interaction storyboards and let us know if you like it. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

What it contains:

The Ten Most Used Touchscreen Gestures
Our stencil includes ten gesture icons for the most common touchscreen interactions: Tap, Double Tap, Drag, Slide, Hold/Pres, Swipe (or Fling), Rotate, Press & Drag, Pinch, Spread. They are especially design for use in wireframes.

Body Gestures For Free-Form Interaction
We also included a selection of 15 gestures for interaction with Microsoft Kinect or other free-form systems. We admit that this is in no way a comprehensive overview of the possible gestures. Use it as inspiration and feel free to give us feedback for coming updates.

Mobile Phone Gestures
The five additional icons are about direct interaction with your mobile phone. Use these for instructional documents or interaction storyboards.