Hallo world, this is Eddie.

Eddie Wong
10 June 2011

Hallo world! This is eddie, who is a student from Hong Kong, studying visual communication design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design. And now working at thinkmoto that is such a good challenge and valuable experience to me.

so, I have great passion to tackle communication design projects and create sustainable ideas through different communication media with human emotions, I always believes that respect and appreciate life can create attentive mind to provide a truthful design that enhance the human life.

Although I have been there forjust one week, to me, Berlin is a lively city, it is full of contrast, and a good mix of local and modern architecture and design. and it seems that everyone is connected in Berlin, events or individuals seem always being together. With experiences of one week in Berlin, it is so much to see and discover, for instance, bike, beer, trees as well as posters are everywhere. I love green that can provides a comfortable and secure feeling for me, therefore, I can breathe well even the weather is a bit dry to me. Again, people in Berlin are friendly, love talking, drinking and gathering in pubs and bars, smiling faces, happiness all around the city in everywhere that I can truly feel it even I totally do not understand what they are talking about. As a visitor, I usually stay long in this type of environment to observe and discover how people lives, there is not much chaos and crowds in public places, so the city runs slowly that can improve human life I think, comparing people in Hong Kong is more like pessimistic, most of them just concern about money, achievement and time that totally forget what life is. Berlin is such a good place where I can really remember all the most beautiful time, great moment. Moods are created, the mood is more likely to influence how we live and act everyday, slow can help us to observe life and breathe well.

Apart from learning design in Berlin, exploring and traveling the city alone is such a good challenge for me, it is like strangers everywhere, find hard to communicate with them, but in this case, I want to marvel at something, language, foods, places, something that I have never met. All in all, I do enjoy the time and great moment in this lively city, and there is no doubt that I must have an extra memorable living experience. Plus I strongly believe that Germany is welcoming me to explore the historical and cultural anecdotes, and many exciting features. I love Berlin at this moment.