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The Definitive Industry Guide, now Updated

Katja Wenger and Marco Spies, founders
by Katja Wenger and Marco Spies, founders

Branded interaction design (BIxD) – the brand-compatible design of interactive applications – goes far beyond visual design. Digital touchpoints are integral components of current brand communication. The number and form of these brand contact points is growing rapidly. To utilise them coherently in line with the brand presents companies and agencies with new challenges. Complex user experience designs can only be created through a workflow that closely intermeshes concept, design and IT and integrates frequent prototyping and testing. This changes everyday agency life – and the job description of the designer.

With their agency think moto, Katja Wenger and Marco Spies accompany well-known companies on their way through Digital Transformation. They know how to make brands credible in the digital space and how to plan and design user experiences that are in line with the brand. They know the company perspective from their own start-up experience, and pass this knowledge on.

Guidelines for a new age

The goal of Branded interaction design is to create an consistent brand experience across multiple brand contact points. Brands are living creatures, and ever changing. This is why flexible, identity-defining design systems are increasingly replacing classic logo-centred corporate design. The spectrum of brand signatures to be designed is constantly expanding. Ultimately, the sum of interactions individuals have with brands is what counts. The meaningful orchestration of these interactions is a complex, multidisciplinary task, which should always focus on the needs and behaviours of users.

This book is a guide, a tool and an inspiration for anyone involved in designing interactive applications for businesses and brands. It is aimed at beginners and professionals, creatives and brand owners, individual designers and designers at large agencies. It obtains practical knowledge and gives mental impetuses for a new age. Structured and understandable. profound and practice-oriented – with checklists, tools and valuable practical tips.


Is this book for me?

Branded Interactions is a manual, a help and an inspiration for all those involved in designing interactive applications for brands. It is aimed at beginners as well as professionals. It can be used by freelance lone warriors working for smaller regional companies or start-ups as well as by UX/UI designers working in large companies or agencies on international brand appearances. The book is relevant to anyone developing digital brands, products and services, such as:

  • User experience and user interface designers
  • Concepters und information architects
  • Interaction designers
  • Product and service designers
  • Information designers und generative designers
  • Corporate designers
  • Motion und sound designers

The book also provides helpful guidance on project planning and method selection for anyone involved in Branded interaction design (BIxD) projects beyond design:

  • Brand consultants and strategic planners
  • Brand and marketing managers
  • Project managers and agile coaches
  • Product managers in startups and businesses
  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • Web and app developers
  • Creative coders

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