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Online flight booking rethought -
for the Air Travel Startup flyiin

Markus Kleine-Vehn
by Markus Kleine-Vehn

For some time now, we have been testing our Design Sprint Skills while working on flyiin, the start-up of Marco Spies and Stéphane Pingaud. flyiin is the first online marketplace for air travel to focus on service. flyiin offers service-oriented travelers the possibility to select different services at the airport or on the flight directly in the booking process and thus provides significantly more transparency and better comparability.


Minimum Viable Branding to start

Already in the founding phase, we used our MVB approach to give flyiin a professional appearance for the first touchpoints and pitches. In workshops we developed the brand personality, which was then translated into brand filters, moodboards and finally into designed brand basics. Based on feedback from users, partners and potential investors, we continued to iterate the resulting image within a year.

MVP & Design Sprints

From MVP to agile product development with Design Sprints

In further workshops, the Personas Paul and Isabella were created as the basis for the development of the actual booking portal. During six design sprints, we designed the flyiin user experience, including an insight into the individual flight experience on each flight. From the first click dummy, to the demo version with connection to the APIs of the airlines, to the beta version for the private beta test - the agile approach allowed us to quickly and easily design, implement and test new features. In the Private Beta Test in summer 2017 this was put to the test by about 500 users.