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A New Approach to Online Flight Booking—for Air Travel Startup flyiin

Our experience with design sprints also paid off in our work for flyiin, the start-up by Marco Spies—the co-founder and managing partner of think moto—and Stéphane Pingaud. flyiin is the first online marketplace for air travel with a focus on service. Since flyiin offers travelers the possibility to select different services at the airport or on the flight directly during the booking process, it ensures far more transparency and better comparability than competitors.


Minimum Viable Branding to Start Things Off

As early as its launch phase, we gave flyiin a professional identity for its first touch points and pitches using our MVB approach. In workshops we developed the brand personality, which we then transferred into brand filters, mood boards and finally into designed brand basics. Based on feedback from users, partners and potential investors, we further iterated the created look and feel within a year.


From MVP to Agile Product Development

In further workshops, we developed the personas Paul and Isabella to serve as the basis for the development of the actual booking portal. In six design sprints, we shaped the user experience including insights into the individual user experience on each flight. From the first click dummy to the demo version integrating the airline’s APIs to the beta version for private beta testing—the agile approach allowed us to design, implement and test new features in a fast and uncomplicated way. In the private beta test in summer 2017, we had around 500 users testing the portal’s functionality.


More Flying?

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