GERO | Flexible Identity and App

A flexible identity for a progressive brand

Marco Spies
by Marco Spies

Gero, a Russian healthcare start-up, has developed a new technology that allows the early detection of age-related diseases using mathematical models. We developed a flexible corporate design to reflect the progressive positioning in the highly innovative and dynamic Quantified Self market at the time. The generative logo uses motion data from a tracking bracelet to generate an ever-changing abstract tree of life in real time.


Data Driven Design

The basis is the analysis of the daily activities of the user. After an intensive kickoff workshop in a dacha outside Moscow, we developed a generative appearance. At the same time, app drafts were created, the aim being to interlock the CD as closely as possible with the product and its interaction logic.


The Logo

The three axes of the figurative logo refer to the mythical symbol of the Tree of Life, a widespread archetype in the mythologies of the world that symbolizes favorable living conditions that ensure a good life even for weak creatures. They are in constant motion and reflect the activity of the GERO community at the overall brand level and the personal activity of each member in the application. Each axis corresponds in real time to one of three spatial axes (x, y, z). The colors are generated based on the general health status of the communities.


The mirrored "3" in the typology introduces a progressive, technoid element that matches the product category and positioning of the brand. It is also reminiscent of the Greek sigma, the symbol of the sum. And indeed, the logo is exactly that: the sum of all data from the Gero community.