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Transformation by Design

In 2015, the Haufe Group’s Design Office faced the challenge of developing a uniform design language for its numerous companies, products and services. With this new, stringent user experience, design was to become a factor for success within the company. The stated goal was to strengthen awareness of design, brand and brand management within the Haufe Group.

Such an objective calls for strong support from within the company. Therefore, the first step was to establish the newly founded Design Office across the Haufe Group and to jointly develop its focus and purpose. Since then, we have been working in partnership with the Design Office to standardize all of the company’s digital touch points.


Patterns for a Consistent Design Language

Starting with the home pages of the Haufe, Haufe Akademie and Lexware brands, we developed a cohesive look and feel, consistent design patterns and global UX principles transferable to other applications. The defined design principles guarantee a consistent user experience while still allowing the different brands the space they need to make their own presence felt.


Looking to the Future

Like the entire industry, the Haufe Group is also in a phase of digital transformation in 2015. Many companies perceive this as a continuous development process requiring fundamental processes such as product development and innovation to be reconsidered. In addition, solutions need to be found as to how the transformation will change the company, how new offerings can be communicated, and how a new corporate strategy will influence positioning and the brand.

Using design fictions, i.e. visionary sample designs, we looked into the future. Based on a new strategy for Haufe, we designed, among others, the website as a central touchpoint for the year 2020, incorporating both considerations about the company’s new positioning and assumptions about how interaction and technical feasibility will change within the next five years.

The resulting high-level vision illustrates a strategy that was thought of only from a business point of view before, and thus facilitates corporate strategy decisions and their reasoning within a company.

“Now is the time to say thank you. Working with you is wonderful! I do not only mean this in terms of the result, but also people-wise. Both are characterized by very high quality and sustainability, THANK YOU.”

– Claudius Wissler, Chief Designer at Haufe Group

What Can We Design For You?

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