Haufe Group | Design Fictions

Transformation through Design

In 2015, the Design Office of Haufe Group came to us with the challenge of establishing a unified design language for its multitude of companies, products and services. Through the creation of a new user experience, design was to become a success factor within the company. The goal was to strengthen awareness of design, brand and brand management within the Haufe Group.

Such an objective requires strong internal support. Therefore, we first helped to establish a new Design Office within the Haufe Group and jointly developed its orientation and objectives. We have since worked in close partnership together with the Design Office, which sees us continuously working on the standardisation of digital touchpoints.


Patterns for a coherent design language.

Using the home pages of the Haufe, Haufe Akademie and Lexware brands, we developed a coherent look and feel, consistent design patterns and global UX principles that could be transferred to other applications. The resulting design principles ensure a consistent user experience while still allowing the distinct subbrands sufficient space for their own identities.


A look into the future

Like the entire industry, the Haufe Gruppe is undergoing a phase of digital transformation. For many companies this is increasingly becoming a continuous development process that requires rethinking fundamental processes such as product development and innovation. This raised the questions of how change will transform the business, how new offerings could be delivered, and what impact a new business strategy would have on positioning and branding.

To make this tangible, we developed a set of design fictions: visionary example scenarios that look into the future. Among other things, we designed the central Touchpoint website for the year 2020, based on a new strategy for Haufe. This included considerations on the company’s new positioning, as well as predictions for how interaction and technical feasibility will change over the next five years.

The resulting ‘high level vision’ visualises a strategy that was previously only thought of from a business perspective and thereby offers guidance for making strategic corporate decisions and implementing them within a company.

" Now is the time to say thank you! Working with you is wonderful! I mean this not only in terms of the result, but also in human terms! Both are characterized by very high quality and sustainability, THANK YOU“.

Claudius Wissler – Chief Designer | Haufe Group