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Cosmopolitanism Meets a Clear Vision of the Future: Rebranding for Hof University of Applied Sciences

Hof University of Applied Sciences is already a “Green Tech University” that practices sustainability and innovation in the fields of applied research, education and training. It is also characterized by internationality and authenticity, and its positive energy coupled with cosmopolitanism and the will to change is also evident everywhere. Accordingly, there is a clear orientation toward (more) digitization, practice orientation and internationality. Such a future vision is essential to remain attractive for students from Germany and abroad in the highly competitive higher education market. It was therefore also the ideal time to take the brand to a new level and translate Hof University’s core values and vision visually.


A Uniform Umbrella Brand with High Potential for Identification

A particular challenge of the project lay in creating an umbrella brand that a large number of stakeholders and departments would identify with. As part of our strategic design process, we worked with the many workshop participants to develop the brand personality and brand archetype in two discovery workshops. Next, we transformed the visionary, cosmopolitan, and authentic characteristics of the brand into brand filters, which served as the basis for the look and feel of the corporate design, the interaction and user experience, the contents, as well as the animation of the website.


Just as Dynamic as the University Itself: the New Corporate Design

For the logo, we picked up the first letter of the university’s name and used it as a powerful key visual in a triple grid. The grid is also the foundation for the design of all the university’s marketing materials and touch points while reflecting the dynamics and high level of collaboration between the various disciplines. We also brightened up the colors to make them more modern and added a green to emphasize the important aspect of GreenTech.

The color gradations also follow a three-step rhythm and ensure accessibility by providing high contrasts and easy-to-read typography. Ultimately, in a style guide, we documented how the various design elements are to be used both internally and externally, guaranteeing a consistent appearance.


A Website to Attract Students from All Over the World

Next, we also designed a modern website that is focused on context and clearly structured. The navigation with concise, inspiring contents informs promptly and to the point. Animations add liveliness. Since the website is usually the first point of contact for (future) students, it has to meet the demands of this digitally affine and savvy user group. Accordingly, the new website conveys the educational program and the many advantages of studying at Hof University of Applied Sciences in a compelling and inviting manner.

In addition to creating a UI kit for web and mobile with the essential user interface elements, we tested the design on the landing page and important subpages. The implementation will happen in the course of 2022.


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