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Boundless for Generation Z – Corporate Design and Website for HTWG Konstanz

Marco Spies, Co-founder & Managing Partner
by Marco Spies, Co-founder & Managing Partner

After undergoing an internal strategy process in which the HTWG University of Applied Sciences Konstanz repositioned itself, we were commissioned to undertake the corporate identity, conception and design of the university’s website. Our task was to develop a corporate image that would, on the one hand, strategically position the institution within an increasingly competitive environment, and, on the other, appeal to the demanding target group of future applicants.


Laying foundations for the future

In the lead-up to our corporate design process in the winter of 2014-15, the Executive Board of HTWG initiated a strategy with the aim of developing a common vision for the university with a step-by-step approach. Representatives of various committees and organisational units of the HTWG developed six values to inform HTWG’s future actions: lifelike, boundless, visionary, authentic, respectful and effervescent.

The university’s vision was expressed in following words: "HTWG Konstanz is an interdisciplinary and borderless university, anchored in the Lake Constance region. It is a leader in the promotion of innovation and potential through high-quality, lifelike teaching, research, knowledge transfer and continuing education. Internationally positioned, it is a recognised partner of science, business and the public. Humanity, authenticity, reliability, respect, effervescent creativity, visionary thinking, the common will to open up opportunities and an inspiring environment characterise the university.”

The new CD has the internal and external strength to transport the future orientation of the HTWG with freshness and energy.

– Julia Zádor, Communication Department of the HTWG

Making values visible

The visual appearance of HTWG Konstanz needed to make the university's values visible. The corporate design concept was accordingly based on the subjects of "Centre" and "Networking". Its new appearance allowed HTWG Konstanz to present itself as a location within an international network, offering optimal career prospects, excellent infrastructure and an attractive location. This idea manifests in a visible grid system in which individual points can be marked or connected. It was important to us to that the new flexible design system for HTWG Konstanz adequately implemented the strategy the university set for itself last year. It conveys dynamism and innovative spirit, but also consistency.


The new CD contributes to strengthening the identity of the university both externally and internally.

– HTWG President Prof. Dr. Carsten Manz

The new logo of HTWG Konstanz radiates seriousness, while the further design elements allow for high variability, which clarifies innovation joy and sparkling creativity. In terms of typography, design elements, use of colour and imagery, the design makes it possible to convey both dynamic aspects of the university’s vision, such as farsightedness and future orientation, as well as fixed, dormant facets of the vision, such as closeness to life and credibility.

The logo and the dot grid are individual components of a flexible appearance that will allow HTWG Konstanz to adapt its communication depending on the application, format and target group. Since the logo will rarely be seen with context, we redesigned to interact with the context. The new corporate design offers a uniform design framework for all important means of communication, from flyers and posters to a responsive website (an Internet presence that is also easy to read on mobile devices). It forms the visual framework that will shape the HTWG Konstanz brand and ensure its continued future relevance.


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