Innovation Design Sprint

Innovation Design Sprints –
Build and test your product and service ideas within 4 days

An Innovation Design Sprint by think moto is a 4-day process for the rapid and effective development of ideas for product and service innovation. With an Innovation Design Sprint, months of product development can be reduced to a few days. The process is based on Jake Knapp's Design Sprints 2.0, which summarizes the experience of the Google Design Team. Our think moto Score Card is used for the idea evaluation, which takes into account user benefit and business impact as well as brand value. This allows ideas to be checked for market and brand fit at an early stage and at low cost.

Innovation Design Sprints...

  • save money and time in product and service innovation
  • let you develop new ideas within a previously defined strategic framework and within 4 days only
  • deliver results that help you present strategies internally and win stakeholders

What happens in the Innovation Design Sprint?

The 4-day Innovation Design Sprint starts with a full-day kick-off workshop in which the strategic cornerstones are outlined and the central challenges are described. Afterwards we go into a 3-day hackathon with idea development, evaluation, design, prototyping and testing, as well as a review session. At the end we plan the next steps. The Innovation Design Sprint can optionally be conducted in integrated teams, where think moto staff works together with your team. Our Co-Lab Space is equipped with everything needed for a wide range of sprint challenges and offers the ideal environment for teams of up to 12 participants.

The following procedure is exemplary and can be individualized to a certain degree.

1-2 weeks before the start of the sprint, a planning session with the client takes place in which we discuss the problem definition, get an overview of the stakeholders and sprint participants and define the framework for the sprint and the user test together. Afterwards, think moto conducts a 1-day research session and prepares the Sprint.

*intensive kickoff workshop with customer/key stakeholders

  • Discover & Empathise: In short Lightning Sessions, we examine the problem to be solved from the perspective of the individual stakeholders. We get to know the context situation. We share research results from the preparatory phase. And we "discover" the (brand- and product-) strategic cornerstones that are relevant for the problem solution.

Workshop day 2 with customer/key stakeholders

  • Ideate & Decide: Together we generate idea sketches to solve the problem. Afterwards all ideas are evaluated together. We develop a storyboard for the prototype.

optionally with integrated sprint teams (think moto + customer)

  • Design & Prototype: On this day, the storyboard is translated into designs which are then assembled as an interactive prototype.

*optionally with integrated sprint teams (think moto + customer)

  • Test & Review: In the morning we test the idea with previously recruited real test persons. The feedback is incorporated as far as possible or documented for the further procedure. Finally, a retrospective with the entire team takes place.

Innovation Design Sprint as Remote Sprint

On request, we also offer the Innovation Design Sprint as a 5-day remote sprint. The workshop sessions are conducted in parallel working groups in different video conference rooms. As remote work can be strenuous, we have stretched the timing to fit a whole week. Remote Design Sprints are particularly suitable when integrated work is required, but the members of the customer team want to stay in their environment because they have access to the technical infrastructure and/or because travel costs are to be saved.