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Corporate Design and Website for LivePerson Institute

LivePerson Institute is the training academy of LivePerson, a global specialist for conversational commerce and AI software. LivePerson Institute is committed to developing and sharing knowledge in the field of AI-powered conversation. We were asked to develop a sub-brand for the academy under the umbrella brand LivePerson, and yet present it with a distinct look and feel.



In our signature strategy process, we started by positioning LivePerson Institute and developing the brand personality. We then worked to design the look and feel based on mood boards and initial layouts of various touch points.


Signets and Patterns

LivePerson Institute groups its course offerings into three subject areas—Human Operations, Technical, and Conversational Design—and three certificate types that participants can earn: Professional, Specialist, and Expert.

On this basis, we devised a graphic system that not only serves as the central element of the branding, but also helps to clearly distinguish the course family by means of an independent look. Each signet in the system is derived from a standard basic shape and color palette. The different weighting of the color components and the superimposition of the respective course monogram create a unique icon.


Applying an Agile Design Process

In an agile design process, we ultimately developed all print templates and the website based on this design. A chatbot allows you to book courses on the site—thus emphasizing the core theme of conversational commerce and highlighting the core competence at the same time.


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