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Agile Brand Management and Brand Hubs for Lufthansa

For the Lufthansa brand relaunch, which garnered a great deal of interest and positive response, we conceived, designed, and technically implemented one brand hub each for the Lufthansa Airline and Lufthansa Group brands.

These brand-specific brand hubs were introduced in February 2018 to accompany the launch of the new corporate design. In parallel, the brand agency Martin et Karczinski set up portals to provide the design principles and assets, which run on Frontify. The included guidelines are accessed via the brand hubs, among others, and are continuously refined by Lufthansa.


The Brand Hub as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The brand hubs are designed to encourage users to participate as simply and directly as possible. At the same time, the hubs can be used to evaluate whether the corporate design is being communicated in an emotional and appropriate way.

Depending on user acceptance, the further development of the digital brand management ecosystem (BMO 2.0) will have to respond to this. Designed as an MVP, the brand hub is intended as a temporary solution that can be scaled whenever needed, enabling Lufthansa’s design team to plan an overall solution for BMO 2.0 in good time.


Agile Brand Management

As part of the overhaul of Deutsche Lufthansa’s corporate design, the new BMO 2.0 was also to be created, which we sketched out by way of strategic planning for agile brand and design management. The future BMO will provide online functions for communicating, managing and applying the corporate identity and corporate design. In addition to tools, resources and training, it will facilitate users’ emotional entry into the aforementioned topics and convey the background and benefits of revising corporate design. To this end, a hub is planned as the first point of contact and personal dashboard.

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