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Online Ticketing for Messe Frankfurt

With over 130 trade fairs per year, Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's largest trade fair organizers. For the 3.5 million visitors, the digital ticket store is the key point of contact.

With a new concept for the ticket store, Messe Frankfurt not only wanted to present itself as a modern brand, but also provide the basic design for future digital touch points. That's why we also developed a portal allowing the 90,000 annual exhibitors to send tickets to their employees and guests. We also redesigned the user interface of the POS system.


Our Guiding Principle

When it came to the user experience, we were inspired by visual guidance systems that not only direct visitors across the entire exhibition center, but also provide orientation and information within a building. Based on this, we have complemented our interface design with individual details such as a personal appeal and a managed process to guide the user quickly and easily through ticket purchasing.


A Living Style Guide

Not only did we want to define a smooth user journey for both projects, but also make their look and feel applicable to other touch points. Hence, alongside developing the concept for the portal, we defined UX and design patterns to be applied for a consistent basic design of further touch points at Messe Frankfurt. We provided the various elements and modules of the project in the form of a living style guide, which contains templates as well as individual elements in an interactive and responsive way. From that, a living style guide evolved for the entire Messe Frankfurt, which gathers new elements and is thus available as a continuously growing pool of design patterns and code snippets for new projects.

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Flexible Branding for 150 Events

Equally important for both the ticket store for trade fair visitors and the exhibitor ticket portal was a design that could be adapted to the branding of the more than 150 different trade fairs. 

We achieved this with an algorithm that adapts the basic colors of the trade fair to label and interaction colors. This way, the trade show branding is visible in selected elements and modules.

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