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Online ticketing for Messe Frankfurt

Jessica Wegelin
by Jessica Wegelin

With over 130 trade fairs a year, Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's largest trade fair organisers. For the 3.5 million visitors, the digital ticket shop is the central contact point.

With its new concept, the ticket shop was finally supposed to represent the Messe Frankfurt brand and its trade fairs in a contemporary way and also provide a basic design for further digital touchpoints.

In addition to the ticket shop, we conceived and designed another portal that enables 90,000 exhibitors a year to send tickets to their employees and guests. We also revised the user interface of the POS system.

Design Strategy

Our Guiding Principle

Our role model for the User Experience was visual guidance systems, such as those used at trade fairs. They guide visitors along the entire route, provide orientation within a building and provide additional information beyond the actual navigation.

Graphically, we based the interface design on such signage systems. Individual details, such as a personal approach and a moderated process, guide users quickly and easily through the ticket purchase process.

Design Pattern

Design Patterns

The aim of both projects was not only to create a smooth user journey, but also an appearance that could be transferred to other touchpoints. Parallel to the conception of the portal, we therefore defined UX and design patterns that offer a consistent basic design for other Messe Frankfurt touchpoints.

During the project, all developed elements and modules were provided in the form of a Living Styleguide, which depicts both templates and individual elements interactively and responsively. On this basis, a Living Style Guide for the entire Messe Frankfurt was created, which collects new elements and thus offers a continuously growing pool of design patterns and code snippets for new projects.

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Dynamic Design

Flexible branding for 150 events

The design of both the ticket shop for trade fair visitors and the exhibitor ticket portal must be adaptable to the branding of over 150 different trade fairs. 

In order to make this possible, we defined an algorithm that adapts the basic colours of the trade fair for marking and interaction colours. In this way, the trade fair branding becomes visible in selected elements and modules.

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