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From Startup to Global Player - Naming, MVB, Website and Continuous Brand Building for relayr

Katja Wenger
by Katja Wenger

relayr is a client to whom we feel a special bond - and whose success story fills us with a little pride. In 2013, the founders of the IoT startup, then known as iThings4U, approached us with a request to help them visualize the Investor Pitch Deck. We not only created a catchy key visual that visually summarized the then new material of the Internet of Things, but also proposed a new name: iThings4U became relayr.

Design Process

Minimal Viable Branding

A catchy key visual and a new name were already a good start, but for a successful investor pitch it is always helpful to have a strategically suitable visual identity, even though it naturally has the character of the provisional for startups. However, relayr was at the very beginning: there was one business idea and three experienced founders. A classic branding process would have been too costly and also wrong, as it turned out later. Because relayr still had a few "pivots" in the business model ahead of it. So we developed our first Minimum Viable Brand, based on our think moto typical Discovery Workshop, which we should do two more times over the next few years: whenever the business strategy fundamentally changed.


„Thank you for guiding us and creating a name to remember! Your creativity helped bring us into the world, give us shape and meaning! It was always a pleasure working with your team!"

– Jackson Bond, Co-Founder & Head of Product, relayr
relayr today

Global player in the IIoT area

Today, five years later, relayr has become the leading innovation forge for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and provides the most comprehensive solution for risk-free digital transformation. relayr gains unique insights from data in existing industrial equipment or production lines, which its clients can use for their economic success. Today, relayr is trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. In September 2018, Munich Re acquires 100% of the shares in relayr for USD 300m.


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