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From Startup to Global Player—Naming, MVB, Website and Continuous Brand Building for relayr

relayr is a client we feel particularly connected to—and whose success story makes us proud. In 2013, the founders of the IoT startup, which at that time operated as iThings4U, asked us to support them in designing the investor pitch deck. For this, we not only developed a catchy key visual for the still new subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) for short, but also proposed a new, catchy name: iThings4U became relayr.


Our First Minimum Viable Brand

The distinctive key visual and the new name were just the beginning in the development of a strategic visual identity that would convince potential investors when pitching. Since relayr was only just starting out, a classic branding process would have been too time-consuming and also inappropriate. The three experienced founders had the business idea, but the business model was still to undergo some pivots, i.e. changes. Therefore we decided on a minimum viable brand, which already offered orientation but was flexible enough to adapt to new directions in the company. In fact, we would run further discovery workshops whenever the business strategy changed fundamentally.


“Thank you for guiding us and creating a name to remember. Your creativity helped bring us into the world, give us shape and meaning. It was always a pleasure working with your team!” 

– Jackson Bond, Co-Founder & Head of Product, relayr

Global Player in IIoT

Today, relayr is the leading innovator for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and provides the most comprehensive solution for risk-free digital transformation. relayr extracts unique insights from data within existing industrial equipment or production lines enabling customers to leverage them for their commercial success. Hundreds of global companies trust relayr today. In September 2018, Munich Re acquired 100 percent of the shares in relayr for 300 million US dollars.


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