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Stories from Life—the REWE Group Website Visualizes Responsibility

The new REWE Group website shows how it is like to work there by providing vivid texts and stories. The trading and travel company communicates with its various target groups at eye level by showing entertaining and partly documentary videos, employee interviews and testimonials.


Strategic Objective

We were to relaunch the REWE Group website with a young, modern, and human look and feel, as well as a user-friendly information architecture. Four strategic goals proved to be particularly important:

  1. Demonstrating the company’s social role, its relevance to people and the importance of sustainability and innovative strength by a strong imagery and communication
  2. Presenting the Group’s various fields of business and activity to emphasize similarities and strengthen individual identities
  3. Showing that individual employees are appreciated by showing their perspectives, despite the size of the company (330,000 employees)
  4. Meeting the requirement of digital leadership in the industry (with REWE Digital) and anchoring digital in the DNA of the company

Various User Groups

The website serves as REWE Group's primary point of contact for various user groups, ranging from media representatives such as journalists and bloggers, job applicants and potential new employees, as well as NGOs, to end consumers seeking information about the various sales lines, representatives from politics and business, and potential business partners for information.

Being Authentic Through Vivid Storytelling Focusing on Faces

The concept for the relaunch of the REWE Group website is to be authentic and show faces. For the contents this means to use vivid texts and stories to show how work is like at and of REWE Group. We report on people in the company, thereby linking the living environment of the users with the employees of REWE. The contents are displayed in an entertaining way and contemporary formats (for example, video formats such as My Workplace in 60 Seconds, employee interviews or testimonials). The partly documentary content formats (please see follow basic storytelling principles. We show real faces, thus ensuring the statements to be authentic.

The contents combine the topics of business, sustainability and careers, and are closely intertwined by means of a teaser concept. This concept provides for users to directly engage in dialog, all the more as the contents can be easily shared on social media.


Natural and Generous Imagery with a Focus on People

When designing, we felt that an optimistic, generous and concise appearance was important. To meet these needs, we used large images, concise interaction elements, and a flexible use of typography to add a magazine-like touch to the website. Warm colors and light-flooded, natural motifs dominate the visual style. Blurred backgrounds direct the focus to people in close-ups. The simple color concept, which is derived from the corporate colors, facilitates orientation within the site.


The Implementation: Smart, Scalable, and Responsive

The website is responsive. The information architecture is deliberately kept flat, yet highly scalable. Navigation focuses on four central themes: Company, Sustainability, Career and Newsroom. Functional contents such as contact options, downloads, and job board invite the users to interact through simple and clearly marked interaction patterns.

All press releases are tagged with keywords so you can easily narrow them down via filters. These smart filter mechanisms are offered across the site to make the wide range of information easily accessible. All standard teasers offer a slight zoom effect on mouse-over to activate users. The "sticky" header, home to contact, search and service hotline next to the main navigation, shrinks as users scroll within the page, but remains present and always accessible. External applications such as the sustainability and annual report or the job exchange are linked, but blend into the overall picture visually and in terms of user guidance.


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