simyo | Lead Agency Design

Lead agency design for the Digital Native in the mobile communications market

Katja Wenger
by Katja Wenger

simyo (part of the E-Plus Group) is the digital native among mobile phone providers. Founded in 2005, the company has significantly changed the mobile communications market in Germany with its catchy brand claim "because simplicity is simply simple". From the outset, simyo limited itself to distribution via the Internet and the order hotline, at 19 cents per minute. Pioneer of the discount market - a market which today is contested by numerous low-cost providers.

simyo is no ordinary mobile brand, it was and is closer to people and is part of a community of experts for mobile communication. This has made simyo a pioneer in democratizing the key innovations in mobile communications.

Digitale Strategy

simyo communicates and interacts at eye level. Classical communication formats are increasingly less suited to this demand and lose their effectiveness. It is no longer a question of penetrating people with a few messages as often as possible in order to force their own information on them. With the help of networked "ecosystems", they need to be provided with information and interaction offerings that have a high utility value and inspire.

What is needed are more innovative forms of communication that offer brands interactive access to their target groups and give a new quality to the relationship between brands and people. In demand are formats and contents that provide more useful entertainment and more credible information through high-quality presentation.


Since 2011, we have been supporting simyo in the strategic realignment and redesign of its brand image. In addition, we are responsible for the rollout of the numerous digital touchpoints. Our tasks include the general design management including a board of trustees for the instagram-based image worlds, the design of digital applications for web and mobile, the development of an online magazine and a brand portal as well as numerous accompanying marketing measures.