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Lead Agency Design for the Digital Native in the Mobile Market

simyo (then part of E-Plus Group, now Blau) was the digital native among mobile phone providers. Founded in 2005, the company had significantly changed the mobile communications market in Germany with its catchy brand claim “Weil einfach einfach ist” (“Because simple is simply simple”). From the start, simyo limited its sales to the Internet and an order hotline and, with a price of 19 cents per minute, pioneered the discount market—a market that was soon being fought over by numerous low-cost providers.

simyo was no ordinary mobile communications brand, but closer to the people as part of an expert community for mobile communications. This made simyo a pioneer in terms of democratizing mobile communications.


Designing Enriching Interactions

simyo was keen to communicate at eye level because traditional communication formats neither met users’ needs nor were they equally effective. Already at that time, it was no longer a matter of forcing messages on users at too high a frequency. What mattered was quality. Indeed, there has been a need for innovative forms of communication that give users interactive access to their brand and thus deepen the mutual relationship. Users are increasingly looking for formats and content that entertain and inform in a high-quality and credible way.


Implementing Touch Points to Inform and Inspire

From 2011 to 2015, we advised simyo as lead design agency on the strategic realignment and redesign of the brand presence. In addition, we were responsible for the roll-out of the numerous digital touch points.


A Unified Design Language

In addition to general design management, our tasks included appointing a board of trustees to oversee the imagery on Instagram, designing digital applications for web and mobile, developing an online magazine and brand portal, and numerous accompanying marketing activities.


What Can We Design For You?

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