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Lead Agency Design for the Digital Native in the Mobile Communications Market

Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner
by Katja Wenger, Co-founder & Creative Partner

Founded in 2005, simyo (formerly part of the E-Plus Group, now Blau) entered the market as the digital native of mobile phone providers, and significantly shook up the mobile communications market in Germany with its catchy brand claim "because simplicity is simply simple". From the outset, simyo limited itself to distribution via the Internet and an order hotline at the low cost of 19 cents per minute. In short, simyo was the pioneer of a democratic, human-centred discount mobile communications market—one that today is flooded with numerous low-cost providers.


Designing Enriching Interactions

The gap in the market that simyo identified was the need for more innovative forms of communication that offered brands interactive access to their target groups and elevated the quality of the relationships between brands and people. Ones that allowed for communication at eye level, provided useful entertainment and credible information presented in a clear and desirable way. Supported by networked "ecosystems", simyo set out to offered their customers information and interactions that had a high utility value, and that could inspire.


Implementing Touchpoints to Inform and Inspire

In 2011, we began supporting simyo with its strategic realignment and the redesign of its brand image as its lead design agency. In addition, we were responsible for the rollout of the numerous digital touchpoints.


Overseeing a Unified Design Language

Our tasks involved general design management, including the appointment of a board of trustees to oversee simyo’s Instagram-based visual language, the design of digital applications for web and mobile, the development of an online magazine and a brand portal, and numerous accompanying marketing measures.


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