simyo | SayHey – Mobile Messaging App

The Smart Way of Brand Communication—a Messaging App for simyo

How do you communicate the strategic realignment of a mobile provider as a mobile lifestyle provider? By offering services around mobile life and thus delivering what you promise. This is the basic idea behind sayHEY—simyo’s smart messaging app.


Digital Service—Brand

simyo is the mobile communications brand for a target group affine to digital: plenty of data volume, low price, good service, 24/7 online. With sayHEY, simyo offers a digital service that complements its core business in a meaningful way. As part of the simyo brand ecosystem, sayHEY makes the mobile communications brand's self-image tangible, i.e. making the essential innovations of mobile communications accessible to people—easily, conveniently and securely.


An Independent Product Brand—the Positioning in the Messenger Market

The chances for a successful market launch were good. The sayHEY messaging app focuses on a particularly convenient user experience and offers high security. Thus, it meets users’ needs that result from increasing networking: guaranteed data security on all devices and servers.

We developed the fundamental brand strategy with brand name and logo, the basic parameters for the visual appearance and user experience, as well as various communication tools such as the landing page. We deliberately did not name simyo directly as the sender. Since we used the same design principles in terms of UX and visual design though, simyo customers sense it is their brand right away.


Uncomplicated and Inviting—Like the Swedish Hello

When creating the name, it was important for us to find an uncomplicated, versatile, informal name. At the same time, this name should be motivating and fit an urban lifestyle. sayHEY is a friendly greeting and a perfect metaphor for the app: an invitation to talk to friends, to get in touch with people, to let hear from you again.


What Can We Design For You?

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