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Development of the wilo UX and visual design patterns for a monitoring app

Katja Wenger
by Katja Wenger

Wilo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech pumps and pump systems, asked us to develop a control and monitoring app for the iPad conceptually and creatively. With 7000 employees in 60 countries and a turnover of 1.5 billion Wilo has grown from a local specialist to a global player. Uncompromising customer orientation, direct market proximity and above all its culture of innovation characterise Wilo. This is also what the brand promise stands for: Pioneering for You. Wilo came to us in the awareness that digital products should be just as brand-shaping as analog ones.

Design Strategy

Strategic Foundation

The first step in our process is the Discovery workshop, in which we work together with the customer to define the business, the brand and the target group. The Elevator Pitch is one of our tools for understanding the complexity of a company and its key objectives and unique selling propositions.


Interaction Design

We have developed the interaction design for the app in several iterations. At the same time, a prototype was created at the technical service provider, which was continuously further developed on the basis of our design. The challenge was to map the unusually high complexity and a large range of functions, which resulted not least from several very different user profiles, into an easy-to-use interface.


Visual Taxonomy and Zoning


We have developed a design system which is the basis of the app and which can be extended according to the set rules. Elements of the design system are zoning, colors, displays and buttons. Areas are visually separated from each other by white/dark grey areas on a grey background, thus bundling information. We use a colour code to show the state of the elements of the system. The design system formed the basis for the brand redesign, which Wilo undertook one year later and which received several awards.


Further questions?

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